May 29- June 2

LETTER of the WEEK ......review
We will continue to learn and review letters till the end of the year. You and you child may choose show and tell items beginning with any letter of the alphabet. We are still blending sounds together into words...please keep practicing. Also, please keep helping them to learn their sight words that cannot be blended but must be memorized. Please encourage them in their journey.

We had our last spelling test last week. Keep practicing tapping and sight words over the summer.

~Thank you for replenishing some of their supplies. Some children still need new liquid glue bottles and maybe crayons or pencils and erasers...please ask your child if they need these. They may forget to ask you for a new items. We will still be working for the next two weeks of school.

~Please check the St. John Vianney website for the links for all background checks needed to be a volunteer in the classroom for parties and events. Click "For Parents" on the top bar for the pull down menu...then the "Volunteers and Service" link....then the end on the paragraph will ask you to "Click Here". The rest of the information and links are self-explanatory. Thank you for your assistance. We will need parent volunteers for holiday parties and events.

~Please be aware of arrival and dismissal times as well as dismissal and arrival procedures for the safety of your children....thank you.

~Please check the school handbook online for the appropriate uniform choices. I will start sending home reminders if anyone forgets what is needed for the uniforms. Thank you.

Just a reminder to send a morning snack in for your child. Please send in a spoon or fork if it requires one. No drinks for morning snack time, we use the water fountain just outside our classroom. Please do not send in candy for snack time. Thank you.

* Please check your school lunch calendar and prepare for your child accordingly if there are cold lunch days.

June 2: Field Day [volunteers DO need all their background checks to participate]
June 2: COLD LUNCH [all students must pack a lunch-NO snack bar or cafeteria]
June 5: COLD LUNCH [all students must pack a lunch-NO snack bar or cafeteria]
June 6: 8th Grade Graduation
June 6: COLD LUNCH [all students must pack a lunch-NO snack bar or cafeteria]
June 8: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL; Mass; Dismissal

Disciple of the Month
Congratulations to Lola Carrizo!!! She is our Disciple of the Month for May for the virtue of Leadership.
Nice work, Lola!!!

~We have marked your child's folders with specific titles. Their "Homework" folder and "Take Home" folder will stay in their book bag and can be emptied nightly.
~We have started assigning homework. Sometimes the homework will only be required to be completed on one side and returned since the children did not yet learn the concept for the other side. they will be aware of this.
~Please check your child's "Homework Folder" nightly. Help your child complete the work with a pencil [not pen] and crayon for coloring [not marker] and then sign the work to show you have seen it. Replace the homework back in the "Homework Folder" so your child can get in the habit of returning it to school with this process. The children will usually get homework Monday-Thursday...not on Fridays. The homework will be marked either with a "HW" or the word "HOMEWORK" will be stamped on it.

Remember the "homework folder" stays in the book bag. The "Take Home" folder in their book bag is for any other notes from me [or for me] or any work your child completed to bring home {check this folder nightly} and keep this folder in their book bag as well.

Please check your children's book bags on a nightly basis for finished work as well as homework that must be completed and returned the next day. Be sure to remove completed work so the children don't get overwhelmed in finding any notes to turn in to the teacher the next day. Thank you.

It is very important to send in an absentee note when your child returns to school after being absent...even though you have called the school with the information. We must keep written records and have these notes on file. Please include the dates of the absence, the reason for absence, and your signature. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

If you need to reach me, my e-mail is: mrswenner@stjohnvianneyschool.org or you may click on the link through the school's website. Some of you have already reached out to me and it was so nice to hear from you :)))

Check out our SJV website!!! http://www.stjohnvianneyschool.org/


Show & Tell
* bring your library books
*dress in gym clothes