Welcome to Kindergarten K-103

June 5, 2016 - June 8, 2015

UPDATE! Kindergarten was chosen to sing 3 songs following the closing school mass on Thursday, June 8 at 9:00 am. We would love for you to come and see us perform!

Welcome to Miss Schloo's class wikipage! This is where I will share weekly and daily news with you. Make sure to check often for updates on what is happening in our class and in the school. Just a reminder, my email address is missschloo@stjohnvianneyschool.org. I always try my best to respond within 24 hours.

*Spelling Test Words*

We had our last spelling test last week. The students did a magnificent job on their spelling tests each week. Keep on practicing tapping, sight words, and spelling over the summer!

What we are doing this week: We will continue to work on the topics below as well as review past topics.

  • Math: We will learn how to identify what coins we need to pay for different objects. We will learn how to trade money. We will learn how to add money.

  • Reading: We will be reading This Is The Way We Go To School by Edith Baer. We will learn about drawing conclusions with this book. We will learn about and identify Yy and Qq. We will learn the words where and come.

  • Phonics: We will learn how to identify Yy and Qq in words.

  • Religion: We will begin discussing the rosary, The Joyful Mysteries and The Glorious Mysteries.

  • Handwriting: We are going to write Yy and Qq.

  • Science: We will continue our Weather Unit.

  • Social Studies: We will learn about how to be safe in the Summer.

  • Journal: We are writing sentences. We are going to learn about freestyle poetry.

Homework: Homework will go home Monday and Tuesday night in your child's red folder. They will complete the side with the red stamp on it. The next night they will complete the side without the red stamp. Homework is double sided to save paper. Please ensure that your child completes their homework in pencil only and crayons for coloring. Homework must come back to school the next day.

What to work on at home:

  • Work on addition and subtraction facts within 10.

  • Continue to work on uppercase/lowercase letter recognition and letter sounds.

  • Recognizing our sight words learned in class. Below are the sight words we have learned so far:Work on the prayers that we teach in school. Children are asked to know "Hail Mary", "Our Father", and "Bless Us Oh Lord."

    • I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, my, like, he, for, she, me, with, see, look, they, you, of, do, are, that, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from, yellow, blue, green, what, said, was, where, come
  • Reinforce classroom rules and behavior.

Important Information:

  • Show and Tell: Show and Tell will be on Tuesday this week!

  • Library Books: Library has ended for the school year. Please turn in any library books that you still have at home.

  • Kindergarten will be singing 3 songs following the closing school mass on Thursday, June 8 at 9:00. Please come and see our hard work pay off during our performance!

  • Cold Lunch on Monday and Tuesday this week!

  • If you are thinking that you would like to volunteer for any future classroom events, please work on getting your requirements completed as it does take some time. All finished clearances can be sent to me through your child, and I can make sure that they get to the right individuals. (http://www.cathedral-church.org/volunteering.html).

  • Please make sure that your child uses the bathroom before coming to school.

Important Dates:

  • May 8: May Procession Practice

  • May 9: May Procession at 10:00

  • May 9: COLD LUNCH

  • May 12: SJV Iron Pigs Game at 7:05

  • May 15: SJV Band Concert at 7:00 in the Walson

  • May 18: SJV Gold Tournament

  • May 19: Disciple of the Month Mass at 9:00

  • May 26: No School-Memorial Day Weekend

  • May 29: No School-Memorial Day

  • June 2: Field Day

  • June 5-6: COLD LUNCH

  • June 7: 12:00 Dissmissal

  • June 8: Last Day of School Mass, Dismissal at 10:30 after Mass

Disciple of the Month: One student will be chosen each month who represents the character trait for that month. See the character traits listed below. Parents and students will be notified via a paper sent home in your child's green folder.

  • September (Faith and Moral Courage): Our September Disciple of the Month is Kayla Dinh. Kayla has grown so much since the start of school, and she is now a confident member of the classroom community.

  • October (Good Manners): Our October Disciple of the Month is Jael Castillo. Jael is always a gentleman in class saying please and thank you. He thinks of ways to help others throughout the day, and he is always willing to stop what he is doing to help a friend in need.

  • November (Respect): Our November Disciple of the Month is Zoli Oswalt. Zoli is respectful of herself, her teachers, her friends, her work, and her school supplies. She remembers her manners and works to help all feel welcome and included in class.

  • December (Joy): Our December Disciple of the Month is Phoenix Gerhard. Phoenix has a joy for school and Jesus that made him the perfect Disciple for December.

  • January (Responsibility/Good Work Ethic): Our January Disciple of the Month is Chloe Kuwabara. Chloe is a hard worker in class, and she always finishes her work on time. She is a very neat worker, and she always does her homework. She is a role model to others.

  • February (Honesty/Integrity): Our February Disciple of the Month is Giovanni Santamaria. Giovanni has worked hard all year to tell the truth in class and to do the right thing when no one is looking. He can often be founding helping friends in class when they are stuck with their work and helping me keep the classroom nice and clean.

  • March (Forgiveness/Reconciliation): Our March Disciple of the Month is Audrey Bilbow. Audrey is able to bring her classmates together throughout the day and encourage others. She is able to compromise and work together. Audrey is a role model to others!

  • April (Compassion): Our April Disciple of the Month is Destiny Zuniga. Destiny loves her friends and always wants to help them. Whenever a friend in class is hurt, Destiny likes to bring them tissues and gives them hugs to make them feel better. Destiny is a wonderful role model for compassion!

  • May (Leadership): Our May Disciple of the Month is Briana Guillen-Gallo. Briana loves to help others. She leads by example. She is a role model in the classroom in how to complete work and how to treat others.

Homeroom Parents:

  • Our two homeroom parents for the 2016-2017 school year are Marilyn Navarro and Shelly DeBellis. They will be in contact with parents about classroom events and volunteer needs. If you would like to volunteer in class, please work on getting your clearances, so that you can be added to our volunteer list.

  • Marilyn Navarro Email: marilynnavarro1@aol.com

  • Shelly DeBellis Email: michellemotiuk@yahoo.com


  • Please sign and return your child's behavior report each night. It is stapled into your child's green folder. Please help your child remember that their green folder must come back to school each day. At the bottom of this wikipage, I have posted a picture of our clothespin chart.

  • PIEs will be sent home on WEDNESDAY this week. Please look through the PIE on WEDNESDAY and fill out any necessary forms. Return THURSDAY morning in your students PIE.

  • Sign-up for Miss Schloo's Remind app as another way to stay in contact with me. I will send out last minute reminders that way. You can receive the reminders via text message or email. Use the link https://www.remind.com/join/jschloo to join the app.

  • Check your child's green folder each night for any papers that require your attention. Papers that are sent home with a star on them can be removed and stay at home. Notes can also be sent to school in your child's green folder. They are checked each morning for any teacher notes.

  • Please sent in all excuse notes for any absences or tardies from school. An excuse note allows the absence or tardy to be excused.

  • We have snack each day in class. Students are encouraged to bring in a snack to have during class. Students are not allowed to bring in any drinks of juice boxes due to spills and messes. We will get drinks using the water fountain outside of our classroom.

  • PIE folders (clear folders) are sent home each Wednesday stuffed with all sorts of school information. It is important that the PIE is checked and all papers returned promptly back to school.

  • All lunch questions should be submitted to Mr. Leonard at ranjan93@verizon.net. Lunch orders must be submitted immediately in order to be counted for the next week.

  • We have a strict tardy policy at SJVRS. All students must be at school by 8:05 am. Any arrival after that time is considered a tardy. Please supply notes should the tardy be excused.

  • On Mondays, gym uniforms should be worn in order for your child to participate in class.

  • Show and Tell is every Friday unless otherwise noted. Children are encouraged to bring in an item to share.

  • Check bookbags each night to remove papers from your child's green folder. Send notes back to school in the green folder. Students know to hand them in in the morning.

  • Snack time: Snack time happens daily, so snacks needs to be sent in daily. Snacks should be healthy and good for our brains. No juice or water is allowed to be sent in at snack time.

Classroom Rules:

  • Rule #1: Follow directions quickly and quietly.
  • Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  • Rule #3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
  • Rule #4: Make smart choices.
  • Rule #5: Keep your dear teacher happy!

Classroom Behavior Chart:

IMG_7879 (1).JPG
Classroom Behavior Chart

Specialty Schedule:

  • Computer: Thursdays
  • Art: Tuesdays
  • Gym: Mondays
  • Music: Wednesdays
  • Library: Thursdays
  • Show and Tell: Friday

Important Files: