Week of 5/31-6/3

Happy Memorial Day! We have made it the final week of school! K-Power will continue to review this week and enjoy some summer fun activities. Friday, 6/3 is our last day of school! A hot dog lunch will be provided for all the students on Friday. If your child does not like hot dogs, please pack them a lunch. Thank you for a wonderful year and I hope everyone enjoys their summer!

Important Dates:
5/30- No School- Memorial Day
6/3- Last day of school for K-Power and cold lunch provided for all students (hot dog)

Watch local channels or check our SJVRS website for snow closings and late starts. If SJVRS has a 2hr delay, K-Power will also start 2 hours later at 10:30. Also, if your child usually comes to school at 8:00 with an older sibling or to extended care in the morning, during a delay these students may come to my room at 10:00am. Also, on 2 hour delay days there will be no hot lunch so you need to pack a cold lunch for your child. There is no morning extended care on delayed mornings. If there is an early dismissal, extended care will be kept open for 2 hours.

Your child needs a lunch everyday with a drink. We do have a microwave in the room so we are able to heat food up. If you wish to purchase lunch, you need to order for the entire month at once. K-Power only does lunch orders once a month, it is separate from the big school lunch orders. K-Power's lunch cost is $2.00. Please circle the days you want your child to order and send the menu back with check or cash. Please return lunch orders on time so we can turn them into the cafeteria on a timely matter.

Please send in a healthy morning snack for your child each day. Please no drinks. The students are able to use the water fountain outside our classroom. Also, we do have some peanut allergies in our class so please try not to send peanuts or peanut butter in, especially for the afternoon snacks. If it is your day to bring in snack for the afternoon please send in a drink, it can be a gallon of juice, milk or even water.

K-Power students must wear either the gym uniforms or polo shirts and khakis Monday through Wednesday. On Fridays, the students are required to wear their gym uniform and sneakers for gym class. On Thursdays, the students are allowed to wear an outfit of their choice (play clothes). Please make sure the outfit choice is school appropriate. Uniform exchange is the first Thursday of every month in the PAC at 6:15.

Tuesday- Computer
Fun Friday- Gym, Music, Art, Library

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at misspalmer@stjohnvianneyschool.or