April 30, 2017


It is hard to believe it is May! Where has the time gone? The Unit 4 Benchmark in reading begins on Tuesday, May 2nd. Therefore, there will not be a spelling test on Friday.
There will be a Chapter 12 Religion test on Tuesday, May 2nd. Begin practicing the "Hail Mary." Students will be assessed on the prayer on Wednesday, May17th. Please continue
to study math facts nightly. Your child's homework and weekly information is sent home in the assignment book every week. Please check the assignment book
nightly to check homework and messages. Thank you.

Our skills this week we will be:

Reading: Unit 4 Benchmark

Phonics: review of long vowels

Spelling: none

Grammar: review of adjectives

Math: telling time to the half hour and hour

Religion: Sacraments

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Have a great week!